Auction business overview


What "Auto auction"

"Auto auction" is a type of wholesale market where used car dealers participate in buying and selling vehicles.
The annual distribution of used cars in Japan is 7 to 8 million units, most of which are traded through auto auctions.
Exhibited vehicles are collected at a large auction site, and buyers bid on the vehicles they wish to buy.
It is simply a bidding system that allows the highest bidder to win. Nowadays, in addition to bidding from the auction site,real-time bidding via the Internet is also possible.
Auto auctions play a central role in the distribution of used cars, which are currently a large market.

Commercial distribution of auto auction


Features and strengths of "Arai Auto Auction"

We entered the used car auction business in 1987, and since then, we have continued and expanded our business for a quarter century.
We have built the solid trust of our customers while gaining a unique position in the industry with a wide lineup of passenger cars, motorcycles, heavy trucks, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, and industrial machinery.
We engage in overseas auctions and various peripheral services.

In most cases, the majority of commercial vehicles such as heavy-duty trucks and construction machinery/industrial machinery are exported overseas after a successful bid.
The trust in "Made in Japan" vehicles and machinery is shared globally, and they could be thought of as "world brands." Furthermore, the phrase "Used in Japan by the Japanese" signifies certainty of maintenance and provokes the thought of zero wastage.
Our used trucks and hydraulic excavators are available on the market with this added trust in secondhand goods.
They are very popular in the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia, etc. We deliver high-quality secondhand vehicles not only to domestic distributors but also to customers all over the world.
Building a huge distribution system is one of the strengths of our auction business, which is unique to a trading company.

Main export destinations of successful bid vehicles



We currently have more than 35,000 member companies and handle over 8,000 units per week.
At the core of the network is Arai Auto Auction Venues, which are located in 5 different places worldwide.
Each has a large site and a state-of-the-art auction system.
We provide a variety of hospitality services to visitors.

In addition, in light of the shift to Internet auctions, we will continue to improve the convenience of our customers.
We are also proceeding with the installation of satellite yards (vehicle storage areas). In addition to the permanent yards,we have set up unique yards in Hokkaido and Okinawa and are holding more flexible auctions.
In 2018, we opened the largest complex yard "Kansai Yard" (currently Kansai venue). Regardless of location or time,we are establishing seamless operations at auction venues across a wide range of areas.

Auction business details