Arai Shoji Co., Ltd. considers not only its own economic activities but also the interests of all concerned stakeholders.
As a voluntary effort to create a better society, we prioritize CSR activities.
In recent years, activities unique to Arai Shoji, such as those giving importance to region and culture, have increased.
We will now introduce some of our CSR activities here.

Japan Beach Volleyball Tour Sponsorship

ジャパンビーチバレーボール ツアー協賛

We support the official beach volleyball games hosted by JVA (Japan Volleyball Association) and JBV (Japan Beach Volleyball Federation).
We also participate as the tour sponsor of the "Japan Beach Volleyball Tour."
We are the special sponsor for the Hiratsuka tournament held in the local Shonan Hiratsuka, which is titled "Guarana Antarctica Cup in Hiratsuka."
Japan's "Japan Beach Volleyball Tour" is the most prominent competition for which top players from the country gather every year.
Our company’s special sponsorship of the tournament has been made possible due to the cooperation of the government and local people, and is supported by various events held at the same place.
The number of visitors is increasing year by year, and the excitement is growing in tandem.
As a company based in Hiratsuka, the mecca of beach volleyball, we will continue to support this sport.

Initiatives with Japan Parasports Promotion Organization


The Japan Parasports Promotion Organization is working to create a harmonious society where all people can live in good spirits by endorsing parasports and promoting the independence of people with disabilities.
By promoting parasports, we are not only improving the health of people with special conditions, but also deepening our understanding of disabilities.
This is being done by holding related seminars and parasports introduction events in various places.
In addition, in cooperation with employment support facilities nationwide, we hold Marche and introduce and commercialize the creations of people who visit the facility.
We support the independence of people with disabilities.
In collaboration with this organization, we will work to expand the circle of support for people with disabilities

Arai Shoji presents World Music Cruise

荒井商事 presents World Music Cruise

"Arai Shoji presents World Music Cruise" is being broadcast on InterFM every Sunday from 21:30.
With navigation help from music critic Motoko Sekiya, you can take a leisurely cruise and sightseeing trip and explore cities around the world with an introduction to various cultures, local music, scenes, and language.
This show, which introduces wonderful music that most have never heard or encountered, has been a step forward for us.
It is in line with our journey of providing new services to people around the world.
Enjoy relaxing moments with fresh music and land on Sunday night.