Food distribution business overview


Food distribution business since 1920

Since the company’s founding as a rice and millet wholesaler 100 years ago, we have consistently continued our food distribution business as a “food” professional.
Initially, the business focused on rice wholesale business and wholesale markets centered on B-to-B wholesalers.
Subsequently, due to changing times and lifestyles of people, the business evolved gradually and opened its doors to general consumers.
Currently, we have a retail business that operates community-based supermarkets; trading business with strengths in imports and sales from Brazil, Portugal, etc.; a restaurant business that offers highly satisfying menus at reasonable prices, and a fruit and vegetable business that is focused on increased production.
We continue to thrive through a wide range of businesses.


Connecting production to sales seamlessly

As a trading company, we do not focus only on the role of "connecting."
We are also deeply involved in the quality and production of primary products such as fruits and vegetables as well as fresh fish.
The unique point of our food distribution business is that we handle the production, processing, distribution, and sale of these products in-house.
By building a supply chain that has knowledge of the "field" of agriculture and fishery and is suitable for the times, we convince end users to purchase high value-added products. In other words, know-how and mechanisms covering all manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers are indispensable in the modern food distribution industry, where conventional food distribution channels are gradually being dismantled and diversified.
By letting individual employees experience all these phases, we aim to develop "food distribution specialists."



Currently, the retail and restaurant businesses are centered in the Tokyo metropolitan area.
The fruit and vegetable business has bases in production locations (Kumamoto/Tochigi) and consumption areas (Kanagawa/Tokyo).
In 2018, we launched a mineral water manufacturing and sales business in Zao Town, Miyagi Prefecture.

Food distribution business details