We are expanding our business by focusing on the two fields of "cars" and "food," which are essential to people's lives.
For 100 years since our founding, we have provided services required by particular eras and regions.
We are proud to continuously receive the support of our customers because we have been making an effort to create services that are full of originality, rather than imitating or following others.
In the next 100 years, or even within the next 10 years, we hope to introduce another exciting era. Please witness our efforts at the Arai Group, which persistently takes on new challenges in order to realize our vision of "Japanese value to the world," while adapting flexibly to changing times.


Our auction business started in 1987 with the aim of sending the message of "a new wind" to the used car distribution industry, which boasts of an annual distribution volume of over millions of vehicles.
Currently, we handle more than 400,000 units a year nationwide through "Arai Auto Auction Venue" by implementing our original Internet auction system "AI-NET." Our auction business is characterized by a wide lineup of passenger cars, motorcycles, heavy trucks, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, and industrial machinery, and has the experience of working with overseas alliances.
The majority of commercial vehicles such as heavy-duty trucks and construction machinery have a particularly large market share and are exported overseas after a successful bid. One of the strengths of our auction business is that we are building a huge distribution system that connects "valuable secondhand Japanese goods" with the needs of the world.


Since the company’s founding as a rice and millet wholesaler 100 years ago, we have consistently continued our food distribution business as a “food” professional.
Our food distribution business is characterized by our concept of doing things in-house right from production and processing to distribution of primary products, such as fruits, vegetables, and fresh fish.
Furthermore, we also sell our products internally and consistently.

Beyond the role of a so-called trading company, which lives by the word "connecting," we utilize our knowledge of agriculture and fishery.
By doing this, we provide high value products to end users by building a supply chain that is in tune with the times.
In today's diversifying food distribution industry, we hope to be close to our customers' lives and protect their health and environment.
We wish to continue taking on various challenges in the future.