Food Distribution Business

"The food business can be considered the origin of our company"

We started out as a local-based wholesaler of assorted grains and polished rice. With hard work and determination, our business spread nationwide and continues to expand. We continue to evolve with the times and adapt to changes in people’s lifestyles.

From our humble beginnings as a small, local wholesaler, we have grown to support an ever growing range of needs. As the times changed, we now handle products intended for commercial uses as well as products geared towards the average household. We also import and wholesale a variety of foreign foodstuffs in order to expand our own horizons alongside our customers’ kitchens. We work not only domestically in Japan, but in the global food business.

"Identifying and responding to the needs of our customers is what our food business division is all about"
Focusing on the finer needs of the consumer, we have further expanded our food business by revitalizing retail stores and opening shops such as Gentaro Soba (a shop which sells homemade Japanese buckwheat noodle). Additionally, as a primary wholesaler of imported goods such as "Guarana Antarctica" which we hold exclusive distribution rights from Brazil and other parallel importing goods, we wholesale to our partners and manage domestic sales promotion at the same time. We are also proud sponsors of Brazilian festivals around the country and indoor soccer leagues and competitions in Japan.

Store Operations

We first started off as a local-based secondary wholesale that merely connected primary wholesale to retail stores. However, over time, we transitioned into an entire market sector that opens its door to the average consumer.
We have also set up logistic centers to efficiently circulate products to retail stores such as supermarkets and developing market stores.
Additionally, to further tailor our offerings to local area markets, we continue to develop specialty stores to meet local consumers needs.

"Opening doors to the average consumer and being more than just a "wholesale""

"Price Club"first started as a "cash-trade & non-delivery" local-based secondary wholesale store. Today, “Price Club” has evolved into a full scale commercial wholesales focused on "variety".

With the ever changing lifestyle and the change in times, we continue to adapt into becoming an entire market business that is not just a “Wholesaler”, but also opens its doors to the average consumer. Our ARS Foods Market can meet the diverse needs of the average household by utilizing our existing supply chain logistics and further expanding into both a vast variety and everyday value market.

Every ARS Foods Market, regardless of the location, is tailor made to fit perfectly into the needs of the region. Whether it is located in the heart of the city, or in the outskirts of town, each market is designed with the local consumer in mind.

Everyday Value

Bulk purchasing through our own logistics centers allow us to offer a vast of products at everyday low prices.

From the Professional to the Consumer

We are able prepare an array of business oriented goods through our existing logistics chain. Furthermore, by enhancing the standard goods of retail, we meet the many needs of the professional and the average consumer.

Food Service Business

While we were originally a B2B business, we have continued into developing a B2C solution with our ARS Foods Market. We continue to try to develop our own B2C market through restaurant offerings such as Gentaro Soba. As an extension to our food business, it become our sincere interest to not only supply, but to also to create the final product for our customers.

SOBA Our soba is handmade with the utmost love and care from our own delicious recipe.
SOUP We provide soup made from select aged highest quality dried bonito flakes.
TEMPURA Our tempura sides are fried to perfection to be hot, crispy and flavorful.

Named in honor of our late founder, Arai Gentaro, Gentaro Soba lives up to his spirit of quality, dedication and value. Our soup for soba is made from the highest quality ingredients, such as select aged(over 6 months aged) and dried bonito flakes. With the harmony of handmade soup and soba, plus perfectly fried, crispy and flavorful tempura, we provide delicious, healthy and affordable products.

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