Auto Auction Business

"We strive to provide customers of our five membership-based venues with the largest selection of vehicles, opportunities, and options."

By establishing partnerships with other auto auctions here in Japan, we can provide our members the opportunity to access the entirety of the Japanese used vehicle market through our venues.

"The auction system forms the backbone of the Japanese used car market."

Our auto auction system is one of the key components to the core of the used auto distribution system here in Japan. Used cars that are exhibited by end users, dealers, specialty stores etc., are bid on and won by used auto companies. These used auto companies then resell these cars to consumers either directly or through retail stores. Approximately 90% of the Japanese used car market is distributed through these auctions. Our auction system plays a key role in the distribution and the price formation of used vehicles. By allowing multiple bids from used auto companies, the auction system allows the market to determine the price and value of used vehicles.

Price Formation Multiple bids by dealers, suppliers, and others, which are back-calculated based on the resale price of the market, are presented; and the appropriate price is naturally formed in accordance with the performance and condition of the used automobile.

Auction Operations

Our auto auction business currently has five auto auction venues nationwide.
We have approximately 35,000 member companies and handle the listing of more than 10,000 vehicles per week across all venues.

"We offer our members the benefit of having a larger scale of possibilities"
We manage a wide range of vehicle types, from consumer cars, to motorcycles, to large scale industrial, agricultural and construction machinery. Our large scope of vehicles allow us to fulfill any particular request from any customer. Additionally, we have active partnerships with both domestic and foreign auction companies to further increase the scale of possibilities available to our customers.
We continue to expand possibilities to our customers by continuing to actively seek and establish partnerships overseas, as well as increasing the number of foreign companies in our auction memberships. With the rapid growth and development in different areas of the world, such as China and the Middle East, inquiries about large-sized vehicles and machinery have increased exponentially. Our goal always has, and always will be to provide our customers with the largest amount of opportunities.

Available Vehicle Models

Construction Equipment

Arai Construction Equipment Auction

Van / Trucks

AA Oyama Venue

Regular 4 wheeled vehicles

AA Oyama Venue
AA Bayside Venue
AA Sendai Venue

2 wheeled vehicles

AA Bayside Venue
AA Fukuoka Venue

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